This section briefly explains some of the main functions provided by Biota of New Zealand.

Main functions


Biota of New Zealand provides two search modes that can be selected directly under the search box.  These modes are:

  • All data - searches across all fields without restriction.
  • Associations - searches across all fields but limits the records to those that contain information on biological associations. 

Both search modes provide the ability to find records using simple term searches (e.g., for a word) or more complex field and syntax searches.

A simple search will search for any words provided across all fields and return records that contain those words within the record content. 

A more complex search can be defined to limit a search to specific fields as well as allowing for ranges, negative and other more complex searches.  Please refer to Search syntax for more details on the fields and syntax options that are available.


Search results are presented in a list that is formatted depending on the search mode (all data or association).  There are different options for sorting the results depending on the mode chosen.

Records can be selected for download using the checkbox to the left of each result.


Groups of filters appear once a search has been completed. Click on a value within a filter to apply that value to the search results as a filter. Once a filter has been applied it will be listed in the Selected filters section which can be found above the Filters list. Clicking on the applied filter in the Selected filters section will clear that filter from the current search.

Filters are applied one at a time. It is possible to apply more than one value from the same filter.


Share provides a quick way for obtaining a URL that you can copy for the search result or record page you are currently viewing. This may be convenient if you would like to save a link to the page, or share it with someone else.


Biota of NZ provides the ability to download data from the search results or an individual record. Depending on the type of record(s) you are viewing there are different data standards and formats available. See the Data download page for more details.​​​​​


Clicking on the Cite icon provides text that you can copy and paste if you would like to cite a particular page. For details on how to cite the whole website please see Terms of use.

Information icons

The following set of icons provide information about a record in the search results and/or details pages. 

Record class  
Scientific name
Vernacular name
Record content  
Biological associations
Has collections
Has descriptions
Has identification keys
Has images
NZ relevant
Record source  
Ngā Harore o Aotearoa – New Zealand Fungi and Bacteria (Names_Fungi)
Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa – New Zealand Land Invertebrates (Names_NZAC)
Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa – New Zealand Plants Names Database (Names_Plants)
Management status  
Taxonomic status  
Preferred name
Threat classification status  
Data deficient
Naturally uncommon
Not threatened

Action icons

The following set of icons provide access to different functions within the site:

View help
View information

RSS Feeds

A notification service for changes to fungal, bacterial and plant data is available as ATOM feeds.

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