Getting started

Creator: K.A. Ford. © Landcare Research 2016. [Image: 3V1P] Creator: K.A. Ford. © Landcare Research 2016. [Image: 3V1P]

Get an overview of the information available to help you use Biota of New Zealand portal for the first time.

The simplist way to get started is to enter a single word in the search box above and start browsing the data.  

The easiest way of browsing the data is by moving between different records and viewing the data that is available, alternatively you can also try applying different filters on the left hand side in the search results.  A good query to start with is one full word from a scientific or vernacular name with which you are familar.

When you are ready for more detailed information on using the site see the following resources:

  • some general information about the site, including details on the scope of the data refer to About
  • searching the data see Search syntax
  • data fields and their definition see Field definitions
  • a list of some of the terms we use is available in the Glossary
  • Biota of New Zealand allows you to download data in different formats and data standards -- see the download section in Help
  • to see the recommend text for citing data or the web site see the citation section in Help, as well as citation information in the Terms of use
  • to understand the conditions for using this site and the information we collect refer to the Terms of use and Privacy policy pages.

Biota of New Zealand has been optimised for use with Edge.  If you experience problems using the site with a different browser we recommend trying Edge before contacting us. 

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